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Each suite features an individual temperature control. The switch for the air-conditioning is on the wall. It will not work while the door of your terrace or balcony is open.

All our suites and common areas are equipped with smoke detectors. In case of fire an alarm will be activated. Please read the information behind your suite’s entrance door to find the nearest emergency exit. If necessary,
call Princess Line → Ext. 6500

Safety Deposit Box
All suites have a safety-deposit box with no additional charge. Remember that the Hotel will only take responsibility for objects missing from the safety-deposit box properly locked with your personal six-digit code.

The Hotel puts at your disposal pool towels. These will be exchange for the corresponding cards given at Reception. The loss of a towel card will result in a 20 USD charge, which will take place in the moment of the client’s check out. Please give the towel card back in the Reception to avoid charges

Pool towels
The hotel provides pool towels. Two beach towels will be left on the bed every day for use within the facilities.

Bath towels
For ecological sakes we use the following system to change towels: A towel left on the floor: "Please, change it." A towel on the rail means: "I will use it again" We request that guests refrain from using bath towels at the swimming pools or beach.

Telephone (Additional Charge)
For external calls dial 9 and wait for a tone. Then dial the full number to call your country.
To contact Reception, dial Ext. 6500. For assistance please call Princess Line Ext. 6500

For your entertainment the Hotel offers a wide range of channels while you find yourself resting in your suite. You will find the list of the channels available in your suite. A remote control can be found next to the TV and has a $20 USD fee in case of loss or damage. It will be collected at the moment of your check out.

The hairdryer works with 2 speed options. The hairdryer is placed inside of the draw of the closet

Laundry (Additional Charge)
If you would like your clothes to be washed or ironed, simply place them in the bag you will find in the wardrobe and leave it on the bed. Do not forget to fill out and sign the laundry form. Please do not hang clothes or towels over the terrace railings, as it is forbidden by politeness rules.

The voltage in the Hotel is standard 110 volts. We encourage you not to use equipment that requires different voltage. Let us remind you the sockets here are different that the European ones. May you require and adaptor for a European plug, it can be found at the Hotel Boutique at additional cost. Please contact Concierge to request information. Princess Line Ext. 6500

Cleaning service
If you do not wish to be disturbed during normal suite cleaning hours (09:00 to 15:00), use the "do not disturb” sign or please call Concierge in Princess Line → Ext. 6500

If you should detect any defect or anomaly, either in your suite or in the Hotel facilities, we kindly request that you inform our Front Desk staff so that it can be repaired as soon as possible. Or contact Princess Line → Ext. 6500

The water in the suites is not recommended to ingest. The Hotel provides potable water at the bars and restaurants, as well as bottles of water in the servibar.